Dilly Daily Dishes

Projektraum Dilly Daiy Dishes im Bergen Kjøtt.
Dilly Daily Dishes fragte Bewohner/innen in Bergen nach tagtäglichen Wegen. Landmarks mit persönlicher Bedeutung (=dillies, Besonderheiten) werden kommentiert und vor Ort markiert.

“What I loved about this project was the combination of sculpture, experience, public and private spaces, and discovering it on my way around the city. It was a way of learning about a place through people that live here. They shared their personal daily routines and Gather helped memorialize these places with a marker, a plate in fact. A plate is an object that serves food, it also has been used to commemorate happenings and used as a decorative object. Dilly Daily Dishes were plates marked with words that celebrated that particular place that each Bergenite chose to describe in a particular location.If you can imagine dishes taped up all over Bergen spread out from Bergen Kjøtt, dishes that mapped out the lives of people that live and shared their community with the festival. It potentially alerted people to the festival and it created an experience that maybe would have never existed without this project. The combination of art and sharing a place resulted in small monuments celebrating the lives and moments of Bergen. This was wonderful.” Stefanie Spindler, http://www.neverornow.no/

im Rahmen des Never or Now Performance Art Festival, Bergen Kjøtt www.neverornow.noBergen, Norwegen , 2011 

PlateTaping, Fotos Christian Ahlborn


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