Wohnzeit 01 / Home laboratory

In April 2011, the Home laboratory (Heimatlabor) was installed at three districts of the city of Heilbronn: an industrial district with a smattering of residential buildings, a large housing estate on the outskirts of the city, and the district inhabited by the town’s most prosperous citizens.
The Home laboratory provided the opportunity for a comprehensive examination of the local living conditions. Moreover it served as a place where extensive personal interviews could be held, and visits to individual homes could be arranged.
In about fifty lengthy interviews, data on actual and envisioned housing and living conditions – perceived as an essential expression of individual lives rather than a mere preoccupation with furniture and interior design – were collected.

Wohnzeit (Living Time)
What are the ways in which the local citizens experience and describe their everyday life? What do their residences look like? What are the visions they have about their future lives and communal living conditions?
These are the questions addressed by the Wohnzeit project.
After a period of extensive research, the project was realized in three public phases building on one another and using various artistic formats to examine the issue of habitation.

Concept and realization: Oliver Gather, Stefan Nolte
Theater Heilbronn
 supported by Heimspiel Fonds der Kulturstiftung des Bundes


Heilbronn 2010-2011

Wohnzeit Phase 1: Heimatlabor,  documentary  film by Jürgen Häffner, 10 min.

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