Play Station Worringer Platz

Photo: Christof Wolff
The question about the residual significance of urban squares as social spaces was confronted with the computer game as a novel form of social communication.In a hybrid transformation urban space was directly interrelated with the virtual sphere.Utilizing the grammar of computer games, a story consisting of four chapters (“levels“) emerged which was transposed into the real outside world by actors who could be guided by the visitors.The central protagonist was a “hero“ fitted with a camera headset and radio controls for audio and video signals. He was the avatar of the individual player, and was manoeuvred by him through the game’s parallel universe. By playing the game, passers-by and local residents were awarded a quite idiosyncratic access to an urban environment familiar to them from their everyday life. Adolescents from the area assisted with the trial runs and the project’s realization.
Concept and realization: Oliver Gather, Jens Barlag
Director: Stefan Nolte
Musical concept / livesets: Michael Scheibenreiter
Project website:
Supported by Kulturamt and Stadtplanungsamt der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf, Fonds Soziokultur and LAG Soziokultur.
Düsseldorf, Worringer Platz, 2004
Documentary film by Jens Barlag, 19 min.

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