Nomad City Passage 02 / City Limits

The second project of the Nomad City Passage series invited local residents and visitors to Linz to spend a night at places representative of the city limits: an indoor climbing gym, a hydroelectric power plant, a hardware store, a shooting range, a school and a housing complex.Travelling from west to east, Nomad City Passage traversed the southern outskirts of Linz. For one night each, the six chosen locations, transformed into a campsite by the participants, could be experienced anew, beyond the restrictions imposed by their ordinary utilization.

Chaired discussions between the participants and the hosts possessing intimate knowledge of the locations (climbing gym operator, power plant engineer, hardware store manager, shooting association board member and young members of the association, headmaster and pupils, local housing association board member and local residents) served to reinforce a novel and, for all concerned, unfamiliar perception of ordinary environments.

Concept and realisation:
Oliver Gather, Rebekka Reich realised i Realized within the framework of Festival of Regions and Linz 09
Linz, Austria, 2009

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