Librarium – Which Book Has Been Important In Your Life?

The most important books of passers-by were collected in the Librarium, a glass-house on the square, over a period of two months.The proposed books were obtained and displayed together with the accompanying personal comments on shelves along the glasswalls and brightly illuminated. During opening times visitors could sit by a small stove and drink a cup of tea in the Librarium, while browsing through the books, or suggest a book themselves. The project was positively received by the residents and shopkeepers as well as the homeless and other disadvantaged groups. Conversations took place between people from the most diverse cultural circles, backgrounds and ways of life.
Concept and realisation: Oliver Gather,
Anne Mommertz

Support by the Ministry of culture and the departement of city planning Dusseldorf
Düsseldorf, Worringer Platz 2003

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