Dogspotting – A Portrait of Dog Walking in Scalloway

In the village of Scalloway, dog owners were asked about their daily routes for walking their dogs; these interviews resulted in “portraits“ consisting of the peculiar line graphically depicting the individual itinerary, and a photograph of the dog and its owner.
Finally the participants – and their dogs – were invited to the town’s Public Hall where these portraits were displayed.
The gathering proved a lively event. Both participants and visitors showed a keen appreciation of the works, acknowledging them as a reflection and representation of their own sphere of life. The visualization of the immaterial line redrawn into the landscape every day marked the territory of each individual dog owner.
Exhibition in the Scalloway Public Hall , Photo: Christian Ahlborn
Nicol , Fred and Rosie
supported by: Shetland Arts, Wasps Studios, Cultural Departement Düsseldorf
Scalloway, Shetland 2007







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